Can you help Clubhouse?

Have you thought that the most valuable gift you can give this Christmas is Mental Health Support. Read on and find out how. This blog post forms part of a much wider campaign involving GBC, the press and social media. 
Many organizations are leaning towards giving donations to charity in lieu of sending Christmas Cards and gifts. We would like to invite you to consider donating this expenditure towards Mental Health Support in Gibraltar this Christmas.
Since mental illness affects 1 in 4 persons the likelihood that someone close to you will be affected is not unrealistic.
We would like to invite you to contribute towards Mental Health Support in the Gibraltar Community by donating towards the refurbishment of our new premises at 304a Main Street.    
The building works will commence shortly and your contribution towards building works, building materials, a room, disability access, furniture, kitchen appliances etc. would be greatly appreciated.
“Our vision is to enable individuals affected by mental health difficulties in Gibraltar to develop to their full potential by providing an environment that offers hope, respect, dignity and opportunities.”
“Clubhouse Gibraltar provides support and opportunities within a structured work ordered day. This allows people recovering from mental health difficulties to participate in their own recovery process which enhances their self-confidence and self-esteem as well as offering freedom from isolation.”
We thank you for YOUR CONTRIBUTION this Christmas and into the future.
For more information about the support we provide please get in touch with us to arrange an appointment or visit our website 
Thank you for your support
Emily Adamberry Olivero MBE
CEO Clubhouse Gibraltar